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American vs Foreign Manufacturing

When companies consider outsourcing manufacturing of their product, one of the most challenging questions they face is where and how to have their product manufactured. Answering this question correctly can be vital to the success of both the product and the company. Being a manufacturer of custom fabricated rubber products, we speak to customers every…

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Stars and Styrene-Butadiene

“Daddy, why is the sky blue?” “Daddy, why is thunder so loud?” “Daddy, what are shooting stars?” Growing up I asked so many questions, as all children do. I was so curious about the world around me and always wanted an answer for everything. Usually, when given an answer, I once again asked, “why?” Thankfully,…

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Short Run CNC Machining made Efficient

  The demand for custom CNC parts is at an all-time high.  Manufactures of custom CNC fabricated parts are filling their production schedules to meet the demand of the market.  While this is a positive trend for the economy, it does create problems for companies looking for a manufacturer for smaller to medium sized product…

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Why choose TMI?

When it comes to rubber fabrication and engineering, we consider ourselves one of the best.  However, the world is full of companies claiming to be “the best in the business.”  So what really sets TMI apart in our industry?  For starters, we understand that the quality and reputation of the companies we manufacture parts for…

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