Other Services

Making high-precision rubber components isn’t the only thing we do.

From our in-house machine shop to our bonding, prototyping, testing and packaging services, TMI offers you a wealth of additional capabilities. All driven by the same eye for precision and attention to detail that we put into our work with rubber compounds. Whether you need a quick short run, a new product prototype, or extensive R&D to meet a new challenge, we can get the job done right.


Bonding rubber to a variety of substrates has been a staple of our company since the beginning. Some of our very first products involved bonding rubber to materials ranging from wire braid and nylon to cotton fabric.

Today, we can adhere most all of our rubber materials to a wide range of metals, fabrics and plastics. Working with a vast network of suppliers, we’ll coordinate the various parts of the process ­needed to deliver a finished product to your door. This means a lot less legwork on your end.


Have a project that needs die-cut to within strict tolerances? We can produce a wide range of precision die-cut products up to ¼” thick using rubber, cork, felt, paper and other non-metallic materials. We can handle a variety of sizes, with dimensions up to 24” x 48” or 24” in diameter. Just as with our molding services, die-cutting isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. We’ll work with you to come up with the best approach to meet the specific needs of your project.


Once you’ve got your product ready for the market, you have to make sure its packaging meets the requirements necessary to get it there safely. We can help develop and create the right packaging for your part or complete product, in materials from protective chipboard boxes to heat-sealable and ozone-proof bags. In most cases, we design to mil spec (military specifications) for precise tolerances. We can also handle all the necessary barcode labeling for your package in-house, saving you an extra step.


Many times, a product is close, but not quite ready for release into production. Further development and testing may be needed to get it just right. We can help. With our experienced testing network and in-house tooling shop, we can handle the ongoing development of your rubber product, testing and refining until it meets your exact requirements.

Many of the custom products we’ve helped develop started out as nothing more than an idea on a piece of scratch paper. Whatever stage your product or product idea is in, we can take it to completion.

Research & Development

When you encourage innovative thinking the way we do at TMI, finding new ways to solve unique customer challenges almost becomes second nature. 

It starts with our years of experience in studying virtually everything there is to know about the properties of a wide range of rubber compounds. We then partner that experience with the most advanced laboratories and custom mixers in the area. Working together, we’re harnessing and improving upon the latest polymer technologies as they emerge. For our customers in state-of-the-art arenas like solar and wind power, this has put us well ahead of the new challenges presented by their industries.

Short Runs

We’re not just your partner for large-volume production runs. If you need 20 molded rubber parts quickly, we can do that too. With the same attention to detail and precision we put into everything we do. Our short-runs are handled by what is essentially a department within a department, ready for just such projects. Because we have a variety of presses and our own in-house tooling, urgent, small volumes are never a problem.


Precision, attention to detail and reliability are extremely important to everyone at TMI. That means equal importance is placed on testing for quality.

Most of the basic testing can be done right here on site. For more elaborate tests, we work closely with Akron Rubber Development Labs and Smithers Scientific Services – two of the finest scientific testing facilities in operation. Because they’re both located right here in N.E. Ohio, their staff have decades of valuable rubber expertise, dating back to our area’s heyday as the nation’s rubber capitol.


All of our tooling is done in-house via our machine and mold shop. Having our own shop, equipped with the most up-to-date mold development software and programming, lets us keep precision at an absolute maximum while turning the job around quickly.

For even more efficiency and control, we make all quality adjustments and revisions on site too. Our machine shop can even deliver quick, accurate turn around on prototypes, samples and specialty fixtures, as well as a number of production inserts to which we can bond rubber materials.


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