Rubber Appliance Experts

On time and on budget project experts

The nation’s appliance manufacturers depend on a wide range of suppliers to provide thousands of components for their products. The delivery of high-quality and high-precision components is critical.

TMI has a long history of providing parts for large appliances including washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, stoves, and ovens. We also provide parts for smaller appliances like blenders, microwaves, toaster ovens, mixers, food processors, slicers and air conditioners.

Home appliances typically require hundreds of rubber-based components. These parts must be designed and manufactured to sustain constant use, extreme temperatures and vibrations.

Among the rubber products often seen in consumer appliances are:

  • Rubber grommets
  • Rubber seals
  • Rubber tubing
  • Rubber valve seats
  • Vibration mounts
  • Dust covers
  • Rubber caps
  • Panel grommets for cables
  • Leveling feet
  • Thermal barriers

TMI utilizes a number of molding methods to deliver your finished product. This includes compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding and rubber-to-metal bonding. Materials can include EPDM, synthetic rubber, silicone, Viton, foam rubber and sponge rubber.

TMI’s rubber molding experts are waiting to help. From design consultation to final production, our staff has the expertise to deliver a high-quality product that’s on time and on budget.