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Custom Rubber
Molding & Fabrication
Over 35 Years of Customer Satisfaction

Core Competencies

Rubber Molding & Fabrication

Common Products: Seals, gaskets, grommets, plugs, diaphragms, stators, bumpers, household goods, etc.
Common Materials: Synthetic, natural, and silicone rubbers

Die-Cutting Solutions

Common Materials: Rubber, paper, cork.

Bonding Rubber to Substrates

Common Substrates: Metal, plastic, fabric

Finishing & Assembly of Products

Common Materials: Rubber, paper, cork.

General CNC Machining

Common Substrates: Metal, plastic, fabric

Industries We Serve

We know rubber.

TMI has had the privilege to manufacture rubber parts for a vast variety of industries and applications. Our versatility is largely due to one trait: We know rubber. While our list of industries served is always growing, here are some of the industries we commonly serve:

Custom Solutions

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TMI inc has been family owned for over 35 years.


We are built on precision, quality, and integrity.


Each part is inspected at every level of production, assuring top quality and consistency with every part.

We are dynamic & adaptable

We have experience manufacturing everything from the seals used the landing gear of the space shuttle, to silicone wristbands, and everything in between.


With over 35 years of experience molding rubber parts for the military and aerospace industries, we have the infrastructure and processes in place to take on the most critical of projects.

We take projects on any stage

Having our own in-house machine shop gives us the ability to work with customers through the developmental stage, making prototype tooling or altering tooling in order to improve the product.


Ability to custom assemble, package and label products in-house.

Wide production capacities

30,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

We handle all orders

Capacity to fill small and large orders.