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Looking For a New Supplier Due to COVID-19? We’re Here to Help

What has the coronavirus pandemic done to your supply chain? If you’re struggling to obtain the high-quality rubber components you need, it may be time to look for a different supplier.

It’s especially important to secure a reliable supplier now considering that the worldwide rubber molding market is expected to surge over the next five years from $33.7 billion to $51.42 billion. 

TMI is stepping up to help meet this massive increase in demand, both during COVID-19 and long after the pandemic ends. If you’re frustrated by inconsistent supply or poor quality products, learn more about the rubber solutions offered by TMI in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Here is a list of some of the equipment and software we use in our production process to work quickly and efficiently while meeting demand: 

  • Virtual Gibbs CAM software
  • 6030 FADAL machining center
  • 18/60 CNC lathe w/Autocon control
  • Cincinnati Arrow machining center
  • Cincinnati Hawk turning center
  • Norton 10″ X 24″ surface grinder
  • 9″ X 16″ metal band saw
  • Century mig welder
  • Oxygen/acetylene torch
  • 20 Ton shop press

We Use the Latest Technology

TMI has invested heavily in the use of robotics in the fabrication process, which has helped revolutionize molding machines. This adds to overall productivity and results in savings in manufacturing costs for you.

Our various rubber molding techniques offer distinct advantages to meet the needs of any job. We use rubber compression, transfer, injection molding, plastic injection molding, and many others.  

The bottom line? TMI offers the stability, reliability, and customization to be your new supplier in this COVID-19 area. Contact one of our professional engineers to start planning your next project.