Clean Room Assembly & Fabrication

Complete control is possible

Certified clean.

A clean room is designed to control particulate matter in the air with temperature, humidity and pressure controls. All certified clean rooms must not exceed a particulate count as specified in the air cleanliness class.

Assembling components for high quality industries such as medical, aerospace, food and high-performance electronics requires a clean and controlled environment. Sensitive components exposed to contaminants can cause serious problems. Foreign Object Debris increases adhesive and film assembly defects, which can be costly for any project.

We commonly provide fabrication services for the following:

After parts have been molded in our shop, they go into inspection where any necessary finishing and assembly takes place.  Finishing consists of removing any excess rubber, washing, and adding any necessary markings to the product.  Flash, or excess rubber, can be removed by either cryogenically deflashing the part, or by sanding the part with a fine sandpaper or dremel.  This helps parts to not only become cosmetically appealing but also removes excess rubber that may impair the performance.  Some parts require identification marks which would be part of the finishing process.

Many parts produced at TMI are components to another product.  During the Finishing & Assembly phase, we can assume assembly responsibility using both our manufactured parts, as well as other provided components so that the product leaves our facility as a finished product ready for purchase.

TMI’s clean rooms involve the entire air distribution system, including downstream air returns. The system is designed to maintain airflow in a way that the entire body of air inside the clean room moves in uniform velocity along parallel flow lines.

TMI’s clean rooms are regularly certified to high standards, ranging from Class 100 to Class 100K to serve any cleanliness need. Clean room facilities are equipped with highly-calibrated control mechanisms to insure the right “clean” environment for small or large volumes.

TMI is sensitive to your need to keep sensitive materials contaminant-free while maintaining high yield rates. Our certified clean rooms are staffed with fully-trained and experienced personnel.

If your product or component requires fabrication in a clean room environment, TMI is the place to be.