Research and Development

Technology is constantly advancing, opening the door for new products and improvements to current products. At TMI we are determined to remain at the forefront of those advancements. We are consistently looking to improve our current processes to produce better quality parts more efficiently. We also enjoy the challenge of finding solutions for problems in new and existing industries and applications.

solar and wind power

When you encourage innovative thinking the way we do at TMI, finding new ways to solve unique customer challenges almost becomes second nature.

It starts with our years of experience in studying virtually everything there is to know about the properties of a wide range of rubber compounds. We then partner that experience with the most advanced laboratories and custom mixers in the area. Working together, we’re harnessing and improving upon the latest polymer technologies as they emerge. For our customers in state-of-the-art arenas like solar and wind power, this has put us well ahead of the new challenges presented by their industries.

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