Employee Spotlight: Michelle Y.

Meet Michelle...

Michelle has been with TMI for 8 months as a Quality Control Inspector. A typical day for Michelle looks like grabbing some coffee, jamming to some good music on the way to work, arriving early to chat for a little while with Miss Patty and the rest of the girls, and then inspecting parts for quality and completeness! Outside of work, Michelle loves anything to do with music – whether it’s listening to her favorite tunes or playing guitar! She also enjoys sharing this love of listening to and creating music with her children. Michelle’s hobbies also include dancing and performing with fire, a task that takes incredible talent, precision, and concentration. Talk about impressive! 

When asked about TMI, Michelle says that she, “love[s] the family atmosphere and working for a company that truly loves and values their employees.” Michelle, we here at TMI are so thankful to have you as a part of our family. The love and joy you exude makes the workday so much brighter! You and all of our team members are what make up the very heart of TMI!