Military Rubber Parts

Specialized defense engineering

Military and defense related equipment is expected to operate without fail because the lives of many people literally depend on it. The superiority of defense related products must be second to none. “Reliability” is Job One.

Rubber parts and components for defense related equipment are often used to protect against water, dust, dirt, debris and vibration in some of the World’s most technically advanced equipment. Rubber products improve equipment functionality in extreme temperatures, snow, rain, mud, sand and ice.

TMI offers precision rubber molding, plastic injection molding services, and extrusion molding to ensure you receive the highest quality components for defense related equipment.

TMI routinely produces quality components for:

  • Aircraft and aerospace equipment
  • Marine vessels such as ships and submarines
  • Tanks and rough terrain vehicles
  • Numerous armaments and munitions systems
  • Insulation for engine and firing compartments.

TMI offers a full range of design and manufacturing methods to make sure your component is delivered on-time and according to spec. These manufacturing services include: compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, latex dip molding, profile extrusion, tubing extrusion, washer extrusion and gasket extrusion.

Contact TMI’s highly specialized defense engineering staff to plan, design and manufacture the highest-quality military parts and components at a competitive price.