Employee Spotlight: Tina N.

Meet Tina...

Tina N. has been a Quality Control Inspector with TMI for three years. She is originally from the town of Georgetown, Guyana in South America, about 2,750 miles away from where T.M.I. Inc. is located in Austintown, OH! A typical week day for Tina includes getting ready for work, making a warm cup of tea at home, dropping her parents off at their respective workplaces before arriving for her shift, putting in a full day as a Quality Control Inspector, running errands and making phone calls after work, helping her daughter with homework, cooking dinner, picking her parents up from work, and then working on her studies, as her goal is to graduate! After that, she’ll prepare for bed and get ready to do it all again the next morning!

As a Quality Control Inspector, she receives a list of daily tasks to complete from her supervisor.  She then visually inspects and finishes parts to the highest quality possible. She says her goal is always “Quality over quantity.” Her favorite thing about TMI is going to work every day. She says she loves being around her co-workers because she “feel[s] like family,” and that she “feel[s] welcome from the minute [she] walk[s] in at TMI to the minute [she] leave[s].” Tina also says that she enjoys the cakes and cookies that her supervisor (Miss Patty) bakes, and that her employer, Michael, also feels like family.

She loves music, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her beautiful daughter. She also enjoys dancing and taking her daughter to the park to take pictures. Both she and her daughter love taking pictures!

Tina says that she takes her job very seriously, which is evident to all of us by her incredible work ethic, dedication, and focus on quality. When asked about TMI, she says that it is “a great company and great organization,” and that she “love[s] [her] job very much.” While she is also so kind to say that, “It’s a privilege to work at TMI. I am happy to be here!” –  We here at TMI say that, Tina, it is an honor and a privilege for us to have you on our team! We are so happy that you’re here!