Part forming with rubber extrusion.

Custom extruded rubber parts.

Rubber extrusion is a part-forming process using a high-pressure extrusion machine that forces synthetic or natural rubber materials through a shaped die in order to get it to take on its section profile, shape, or cut.

Extrusion is the answer for a wide range of product applications, including seals, custom-sized and large spliced O-rings, weather stripping insulation, gaskets, tubing, and cord.

Extruded rubber products are used in many industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, sports & recreation, industrial cleaning, marine, and flooring. Extruded rubber is used when components require moisture control, climate control, insulation, parts connection, floor safety, waterproofing, and more.

The properties of an individual finished product depend on the raw rubber stock used to make it, the process it undergoes, and any secondary processes. Since rubber exists in many unique forms, TMI is able to develop varying products based on raw material selection. Materials can include natural rubber, silicone rubber, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene, Butyl, SBR, or EPDM.

There are many reasons to choose rubber extrusion. You can design parts in nearly any shape and size and can use nearly any rubber material. This means you have many choices when it comes to the qualities of your product.

The extrusion process has a number of steps:

  • Force the rubber stock through a hopper and onto a conveyor that moves the rubber towards the die. A “screw” creates pressure and temperature, which helps push the compound onward.
  • When it has reached the end of the conveyor, the rubber passes through the opening of the die. As the rubber passes through, it swells and takes on its shape.
  • The rubber emerges from the other side of the extruder, matching the shape of the die.

There may be some post-processing to do such as vulcanization, dusting, cutting, drilling, splicing, taping, or joining.

Whether you need custom extruded parts that are large or small, multi-dimensional or simple, TMI’s engineers will help in finding the solution to meet your needs.