Custom Flat Molding

Is your product right for this method?

Flat molding is typically used to create products that include:

  • Rubber Diaphragms
  • Vacuum Cups
  • Dynamic Seals
  • Conductive Gaskets and Seals
  • Fabric Reinforced Rubber Seals
  • Rubber to Metal Bonded Seals
  • Gaskets – Molded & Die-cut
  • General Seals – such as Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  • O-rings
  • Machined Plastics

Flat molding is also used to create cable assemblies, electric wire & cables, portable cords, connectors, lugs, terminals, enclosures, tubing and sleeves.

Custom flat molded cable assemblies are used in a number of industries including the aerospace, architecture, automation, automotive, marine, medical, research, robotics, semiconductor, optical and transportation industries.

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