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TMI Stepping Up to Help Meet 51% Increase in Global Demand for Rubber Molding

The worldwide rubber molding market is expected to grow from $33.97 billion in 2019 to over $51.42 billion in the next five years – that’s a 51 percent increase!

A lion’s share of this increased business will happen in the United States because of serious production problems expected in China and other countries that are big players in the global rubber molding industry.

The growth in rubber molding parts for the automotive and transportation industries has been significant in recent years and is expected to continue. Increased fuel efficiency pressures for automobiles is driving much of the increased demand for molded rubber components. 

Increases in worldwide living standards have also added to a boom in demand for rubber molded products and components. Rapid industrialization and modernization of industrial machinery are driving growth across the globe. Developing nationals are also demanding new technologies, which drives up the need for rubber molded parts and components.

Warning Signs

This increasing demand will continue on into the foreseeable future. This creates some potential problems such as raw product price volatility due to shortages in some high-demand materials.

There are also many warning signs on the horizon relative to China, Japan, Korea, and some other foreign suppliers for molded rubber parts. They are operating at vastly reduced capacity right now and might be for some time.

This is a great reason to plan for the U.S. production of your company’s rubber molded products.

As demand for rubber molding accelerates and global suppliers remain challenged, TMI has stepped up its production design & development capabilities and has made huge investments in new technologies and equipment.

Here is a list of some of the equipment and software we use in our production process:

  • Virtual Gibbs CAM software
  • 6030 FADAL machining center
  • 18/60 CNC lathe w/Autocon control
  • Cincinnati Arrow machining center
  • Cincinnati Hawk turning center
  • Norton 10″ X 24″ surface grinder
  • 9″ X 16″ metal band saw
  • Century mig welder
  • Oxygen/acetylene torch
  • 20 Ton shop press

TMI has seen an increased trend towards “green” materials to help meet government emissions standards. We are employing many new advanced technologies that are allowing for the use of innovative raw materials. New state-of-the-art technologies like chromatography, spectroscopy, thermal analysis, and polymer analysis allow TMI to deliver high-quality products at lower costs than just a few years ago.

One of the major global trends in recent years is the growth in the automation of the production process. New technologies in molding equipment allow machines to operate more “on their own” without human involvement. 

Ready for Increased Demand

TMI has invested heavily in the use of robotics in the fabrication process which has helped revolutionize molding machines. This adds to overall productivity and results in savings in manufacturing costs for you.

TMI offers various rubber molding techniques, from rubber compression, transfer, and injection molding to plastic injection molding.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. With rapid developments in end user industries, the demand for rubber molded products and accessories has experienced a huge leap. 

TMI is ready to meet this demand. Contact one of our professional engineers to start planning your next project.