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What Is FDA-Approved Food Grade Silicone and Rubber Molding?

Silicone and rubber are available in every variety imaginable, but sometimes you need the best of the best: FDA-approved food grade silicone. Whether you’re manufacturing water purification tubing, commercial oven gaskets, or anything in between, food grade silicone provides the quality, safety, and benefits your products need.

What Is FDA-Approved Silicone?

Silicone is a type of plastic called an elastomer. When silica and carbon are heated together at elevated temperatures, silicone forms. 

FDA-approved silicone is unique from other standard types of silicone because it meets the stringent standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Gaskets, seals, and molds used for food and medical purposes must guarantee the highest level of purity and hygiene to remain safe for consumers. 

Benefits of Food Grade Silicone and Rubber Molding

The superior quality of food grade silicone provides many benefits that have generated widespread popularity in recent years. 

Temperature Resistance: In many industries, especially the food processing industry, temperatures vary from freezing to boiling. FDA-approved food grade silicone is proven to withstand temperatures as low as -80°F or as high as 450° F while still retaining integrity and flexibility. 

Flexibility: Silicone is a go-to choice for its consistent flexibility. Gaskets, seals, moldings, and other product parts manufactured with silicone can continually provide flexibility, elongation, and low compression set. 

Chemical Resistance: One of the most crucial reasons that food grade silicone is used in the pharmaceutical and food industries relates to the material’s chemical resistance. This type of plastic resists strong chemicals like acid, ammonia gas, corn oil, sodium sulfate, vinegar, and many more. 

Water Repellant: Some plastics are prone to fungal decay through water exposure, but FDA-approved silicon is a water-repellent material. 

How to Find FDA-Approved Silicone

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