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Why choose TMI?

When it comes to rubber fabrication and engineering, we consider ourselves one of the best.  However, the world is full of companies claiming to be “the best in the business.”  So what really sets TMI apart in our industry?

For starters, we understand that the quality and reputation of the companies we manufacture parts for is heavily influenced by our ability and dedication to making the best quality parts.  We make each part with YOUR reputation in mind.  This mindset has helped us to maintain our customer base, grow with our customers, and obtain referrals.  The business of TMI has been built, not on a flashy sales pitch, but on a complete dedication to top-notch service and quality.  Our quality is our best salesman.

Quality isn’t the only principal we live by.  One of our guiding virtues at TMI is integrity.  If there is one thing we won’t sacrifice for a customer, it’s our integrity.  Over the past 30+ years, we’ve seen our share of difficult situations.  In every challenging situation, we’ve held onto our guiding principles and exited with our integrity intact.  This has allowed us to build deep, long lasting relationships with many of our customers.  We work hard to be one of your most TRUSTED partners.

Our ability to maintain our core values, not just on paper, but in action, wouldn’t be possible without the people at TMI.  Some of the very first employees, hired in 1984, still work here to this day.  That’s not only a testament to their dedication to the company, but also a testament to the dedication the Myhal family has to the employees of TMI.  From leadership down, each employee of TMI takes ownership of the goals and standards we live by.

Some may say we’ve outgrown the ‘small company’ label, however we’ll never outgrow our small company character.

Shayn Danks
Sales and Business Development
Phone: (330)270-9780